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If you choose to pay offline, please choose "Pay Later" in the Payment Secion, and you could use FPS payment (FPS no : 60249935) or deposit the payment to our HANG SENG BANK acc : 242-843357-883 within 24 hours. Please return the bank-in slip or screen capture via email( or whatsapp 60249935. The reservation will be cancelled if we do not receive the payment within 24 hours.

If you choose to pay  by Credit Card, choose "Credit Card" in the Payment Secion.*We do not accept AE card.*

如閣下透過線下付款,請在Payment 一欄選擇"Pay Later" ,並請在24小時內將款項以轉數快(FPS)存入FPS 號碼 : 60249935 或入數至恒生銀行戶口242-843357-883 ,  並將付款收據或屏幕截圖傳送至本公司電郵,或whatsapp至60249935,如24小時內本公司仍未收到付款,閣下的訂房將會被取消。

如閣下透過信用卡付款,請在Payment 一欄選擇"Credit Card" 。*我們不接受美國運通 (AE) card.*

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